15种鸡尾酒的缔造灵感 (双语)

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内容摘要:  当天气变暖,户外聚会的诱惑越发难以抵抗。漫长的一天过去了,是时候在游泳池或是后院放松一下了。这时最需要的是一杯冰爽提神的饮料。日积月累,经验丰富的调酒师出色地创造出多款鸡尾酒。  As the weather gets warmer, the siren call of se...



  As the weather gets warmer, the siren call of serene outdoor scenes draws us ever closer. After a long day, it can be so rejuvenating to relax at your favorite watering hole or in your own backyard. And it's the perfect time for a cool, refreshing beverage. And over the years, enterprising mixologists have come up with a lot of them.


  But as you sip on your favorite mix, you may start to wonder just how your drink of choice came to be. And when you start to look into it, you understand why there's such a thing as liquor historians. The history of cocktails can be a long and confusing one with many people claiming to have invented the same drink.


  But as far as we can tell, we've nailed down the true stories behind these 15 famous cocktails. Remember to enjoy them responsibly.

  1. 曼哈顿 The Manhattan


  The Manhattan was one of the world's first vermouth cocktails and it was first made special for Winston Churchill's mother at New York's Manhattan Club in 1874. The only problem is she was in England at the time, so the drink was probably invented by a man named Black about 10 years earlier.


  2. 代基里 The Daiquiri


  Ernest Hemingway's favorite drink was invented by an American engineer working in Cuba during the 1890s. He wanted to find the perfect rum drink and named the result after the town he was working in. His original recipe of lemon juice, sugar, and rum is now archived at the University of Miami.


  3. 黑俄罗斯 The Black Russian

  和名字无关,黑俄罗斯是Gustave Tops在比利时专为美国大使发明的鸡尾酒。由于当时冷战刚刚开始,将俄罗斯的伏特加和甘露混合不仅加深了饮料的颜色,还使饮料更加神秘。

  Despite the name, this drink was created in Belgium by Gustave Tops as a signature cocktail for an American ambassador. Since the Cold War was just beginning, mixing Russian vodka into the Kahlúa made it seem more dark and mysterious.


  4. 白俄罗斯 The White Russian


  It's unknown who first added milk to a Black Russian back in the late 50s or early 60s, but it was widely panned at the time as an "alcoholic milkshake." Yet it's made a comeback in more recent years thanks to the power of The Dude.


  5. 马提尼 The Martini


  Like many of the classics, this one has some competing origin stories. The most popular one has a miner in Martinez, California starting out with a different cocktail named after the city. After he got too drunk to pronounce Martinez anymore, the Martini was born.


  6. 莫吉托 The Mojito


  An early version of the Mojito was invented by the pirate Richard Drake in Havana, Cuba back in 1586. It was originally supposed to be medicinal and didn't become an official Mojito until rum was added during the 1800s.


  7. 汤姆·柯林斯 The Tom Collins


  The name comes from a weird prank in 1874 where people would trick each other into chasing a non-existent man named Tom Collins for spreading unpleasant rumors about them. When asked about Collins, some bartenders would respond by mixing a cocktail called a John Collins. It seems the fad caused the drink's name to change to Tom Collins.


  8. 血腥玛丽 The Bloody Mary


  Everyone's favorite hangover cure was made in Harry's New York Bar — which was in Paris — when a bartender combined vodka brought by Russian immigrants with tomato juice brought by American expats. Both were in Paris in 1920 to dodge the Russian Revolution and Prohibition, respectively. The drink's name wouldn't come around until the '40s.


  9. 大都会 The Cosmopolitan

  美剧《欲望都市》播出之后,大都会也随之火了。1985年,迈阿密的酒保Cheryl Cook发明了这款鸡尾酒。和大多数鸡尾酒一样,大都会的配方也有所改变。

  Before Sex and the City made the drink popular, it was created in 1985 by Miami bartender Cheryl Cook. Like many of the cocktails on this list, it's a slight variation on a previous drink.


  10. 尼格龙尼 The Negroni


  This drink was created when Italian count Camillo Negroni ordered an Americano, but with the club soda swapped out for gin. From all accounts, he was likely wearing a cowboy outfit at the time because of his love for America.


  11. 桑格利亚汽酒 Sangria


  This Spanish cocktail dates back to the ancient Romans, who mixed wine, water and herbs and spices to make a safe drink for the time. Since it was a hodgepodge to begin with, this drink has tons of variations.


  12. 长岛冰茶 The Long Island Iced Tea

  长岛冰茶里并不含有正真的冰茶,但却是1972年Robert Butt在长岛的发明。他参加了一场鸡尾酒比赛,比赛的唯一规则就是需要用到橙皮甜酒。从此,长岛冰茶成为了著名的酒精饮料。

  It doesn't actually contain iced tea, but it was invented on Long Island by Robert Butt in 1972. He entered a cocktail creating contest where the only rule was to use triple sec and out came this famous boozy beverage.


  13. 迈泰鸡尾酒The Mai Tai

  1944年,维克多·鲍格朗,就是著名的Trader Vic混合了牙买加朗姆酒和红酒,创作出了迈泰鸡尾酒(又译为迈代),名字则来自他的塔希提岛朋友:当他们品尝这款鸡尾酒的时候,他们高呼“mai tai roa ae”,意思是“世界上最好的鸡尾酒”。

  Invented by the famous Trader Vic in 1944, this mix of Jamaican rum and wine, complex ingredients got its name from his Tahitian friends. When they tried it, they said "mai tai roa ae", which means "out of this world, the best!"


  14. 玛格丽特 The Margarita

  夏季特饮玛格丽特的发明还要追溯到1938年的墨西哥提华纳。酒保Carlos Herrera为一位对除了龙舌兰酒外所有烈性酒都过敏的顾客专门调制了这杯鸡尾酒,其配方是在龙舌兰酒中加入盐和酸橙。

  This summer favorite was likely invented in Tijuana, Mexico back in 1938. Bartender Carlos Herrera developed it for a customer who was allergic to all hard liquor except tequila and added salt and lime like you would with a shot.


  15. 薄荷茱丽浦 The Mint Julep


  Developed in Virginia during the 1700s, this Southern favorite was originally supposed to be taken with medicine. The bourbon essential to modern Mint Juleps was actually added after the fact by those who couldn't afford brandy.


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